Inside Out 

2020, Digital & 16mm film

Inside Out is a short film combining footage of everyday British-Pakistani culture with scenes filmed in London and archival material. Along with a poetic monologue performed against an original score by musician Nadia Tehran, the film reflects on the complexity and alienation of navigating a cross-cultural existence in a homogeneous Western society — the cycle of disconnect with environment and homecoming to self through honest embodiment.

Inside Out premiered online at 4:3 Boiler Room in March 2021.

Writer & performer - Sarah Khan
Filmed by Sarah Khan, Claire Arnold & Luciana Riso
Editor - Claire Arnold
DOP - Luciana Riso 
Sound Design - Nadia Tehran
Colour grading - Umi Ishihara
Costume stylist - Rosa Safiah O’connell
Clothing by WED
Archival footage - Kino Library
Monologue recorded at Teeth Studios
Producer - Chisenhale Gallery
Commissioned by the ICA and BBC Arts for New Creatives 2020