Sarah Khan is an artist-filmmaker based in London. Drawing from her lived experience and positionality, Sarah’s works explore the intersections of cross-cultural identity, personal and collective memory, and belonging. She is interested in undoing the dismissal of narratives that exist beyond central understanding and exploring how exclusion is confronted by the ‘othered’ in a context of Western homogeneity. Sarah is a co-founder of the collective Baesianz.

Recent group shows and screenings include New Creatives at the ICA (2020), Guts Gallery (2021),  4:3 Boiler Room (2021), Nowness Asia (2021), Aesthetica Short Film Festival (2021) Firstsite Colchester (2021),  South London Gallery (2022) and Stillpoint Magazine (2022).

Education - MA Writing, Royal College of Art, 2019-2021

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